“…Something blue”

Luccia B and “Greek eyes by Maria Tsirona”

The perfect match! The old English custom meets the Greek seas.

Bridal atelier Luccia B and Maria Tsirona join forces for the Big Day!

One of the four objects that the bride adds to her wedding outfit or carries with her, for us, in Luccia B, is this authentic, hand-painted sea stone from the “Greek eyes by Maria Tsirona” collection which, from now on, accompanies our wedding dresses.

“Greek eyes by Maria Tsirona” are gratitude stones and lucky charms, at the same time. There is an eye on them because, in Greece, a stone like this is called “mati” (eye). Its colour is always in the shades of blue. It protects you against negative energy and brings happiness and good luck. At the same time, it reminds you to “see” your possessions and express your gratitude for them.

In that way, we wish you all the luck and prosperity of the world for the brand new life that begins with the wedding.

Each one is unique, just like our wedding dresses!

Enjoy them, with all our best wishes!

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