About Nocturne

When I started writing Nocturne, I had in mind that I wanted to write a musical composition with words, instead of notes. So, I kept the basic rules of a nocturne, in music.

Nocturne, in music, is a single-movement character piece. That means a music piece short in duration. So, my story had to be short. Also, nocturnes are usually written for solo piano. A piano is their only instrument. That’s why my story has only one main character.

Regarding its form, I also wanted to give it the form of a poetry collection, but each “poem” I wanted to be prose. That’s why every chapter is one scene and it has a headline that actually describes in one word the scene that follows.

Finally, I wanted my leading lady to be a regular, formal woman, a quiet, dedicated mother and wife, with a typical job, a woman caring for her family, her home, her children, a woman in her forties that always puts herself aside.

And, of course, Thessaloniki is my home.

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